Liveblogging History: November 4, 1915: Harry S. Truman to Bess Wallace

Harry S. Truman: To Bess Wallace, November 4, 1915:

En route to Fort Worth, Tex. Nov. 4, 1915
Dear Bess:
Since I forgot my fountain pen I suppose a pencil will have to do. I have taken another sudden notion to go to Texas. There is some chance of my making something this time though. If one of the men buys, I am to get a hundred dollars. You should hear me talk Texas land. I am almost an expert salesman by this time. We are now in the center of Oklahoma going south at sixty miles an hour. If nothing breaks we’ll arrive in Ft. Worth at 8:05 p.m. I am hoping for the best. The Birth of a Nation I suppose will keep another week. I was hoping you’d consent to go about Thursday. I shall be home next Wednesday and hope to see you that evening — if you are home.
We have pitch for a regular pass time before breakfast, dinner and supper. I don’t suppose you’ll care to have any cards from this place as I have already sent you a supply.
I had Allen Southern out home Tuesday and gave him a sample of Mamma’s old roosters. He was very well pleased with my road district. I don’t know if the rooster had any effect or not but he said I had the best kept in the county. So said Mize. Everyone seems to think I must place the ends against the middle to get by those two fellows but I don’t. It seems to be the one thing I am at all lucky at this year.
Harold D was very much disappointed when I told him you had another engagement — so was I. Perhaps we’ll have better luck at a later date.
I shall mail this at Denison, Texas. I think there’s a gink watching me do this — as he’s my intended victim (can’t spell it) I’ll have to stop without insulting him. May have more luck later. Wish I could get a letter from you but I can’t.

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