Temperatures Rose Above Freezing at the North Pole Today

Live from the North PoleMaddie Stone: Temperatures Rose Above Freezing at the North Pole Today: “It isn’t just the US that’s getting walloped with bizarre weather….

…This week, temperatures around the North Pole were fifty degrees higher than usual for December — and today, they rose above the freezing point. That’s right: In the middle of what’s supposed to be winter, the NORTH POLE was registering temperatures you’d expect to feel in New York around New Years, according to the GFS Forecast Model, which collates data from satellites and weather stations to produce global weather predictions. It’s only the second instance in which we’ve seen above-freezing temperatures at the North Pole this time of year — minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit is more typical.

Let me point out that the North Pole has been in 24/7 darkness for 72 days now..

Originally published at www.bradford-delong.com.