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Anyone who believes Donald’s promises needs to sit down and shut up. He’s just saying whatever he thinks his audience wants to hear. Anything to get elected. A very craven approach coming from someone just craven enough to think something like this up.

He’s been saying what angry disaffected whites have wanted to hear for months. But the truth is that no wall is going to be built and Mexico wouldn’t pay for it in any case. Just as we all know that the millions of illegals are not going anywhere anytime soon.

So now he’s trying the same tactic on black people. “The democrats have let you down. Vote for me and I’ll do what no other politician on either side has ever done. Education? You got it. Crime? Of course. Want your 40 acres? No problem. I am the magic elixir that will fix everything in one day!”

He may fool some of us, but not enough to win. Just as he’s not fooling the vast majority of white people. Enough of us recognize a snake oil salesman when we see them.

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