+160K followers on Instagram in 16 months

The growth of a fantasy art community.

Best Quality Content

Quality content keeps your audience coming back. Since the beginning of our Instragam profile we try to share the best fantasy and scifi art on the Internet. We take 15min every morning to search for new illustrations and artists through ArtStation, DevianArt, Pinterest and artist’s websites. Basically it’s a work of artistic sensitivity.

We are curators of artworks and we always credit the artists. That’s part of the job. If an artist doesn’t want to be featured on our page we delete his art immediately.

You can also check what people like based on the insights provided by Instagram about your top posts:

Always 50 hashtags

We use Instagram hashtags that are relevant to the audience we are attempting to reach: fantasy & scifi lovers +artists. Hashtags are a great way for us to stand out on Instagram and find people who are not yet following our account.

Just like with Twitter and other social sites, users on Instagram use certain hashtags over others. If you use the right hashtags within your photos, you’re much more likely to reach new users and be discovered.

Note that #helloeclosion is a personal one, allowing people to share their art with the community. It’s part of our user genereted content vision.

Engage with your community

We try to get our audience to participate. What’s the best way to get a response? Ask a question and get users’ opinions about a photo or illustration. Here are some examples of questions:

We also ask question in DM on one-to-one or with the Stories. People are sometimes surprised that you discuss with them.

Another easy way to engage is just to like the best comments and reply to them.

Post at the Right Time?

Huh… no, but we are constant. We post every 3 hours, every day. We don’t use tools like Schedugram. So when we sleep, there is no post :)

Insights per week?

  • 4 millions impressions
  • hundreds of comments
  • 600k reach per
  • +4000 new followers
  • 84% men and 16% women
  • Age range 18–34
  • Top 5 countries: USA, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico and India

+Learn how I went from business dev. to board games designer in 3 months. Thanks for reading!

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