Welcome to the World of Web Design

Original Knowledge

This week I learned that Web Design and Web Development is different. I used to think that they were both the same thing and were just synonyms. In the past I did take Computer Applications for Business which is a class taught at Rutgers and I learned some web design. We used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Because of the coding, I think I just assumed web design and web development was the same and that I made a working website. When I think of design I think of drawing and arranging. I do a lot of digital painting with Photoshop and Illustrator. I thought I can just save what I drew as a JPEG and import it using HTML and it will be on the web. So the slight coding threw me off. I just assumed what I learned was all it takes to make a website.

New Knowledge

Web Design / Web Development

The difference of Web Design and Web Development according to the article “4 Things You Need to Know About Web Development and Web Design” is that web design is more of the creative process and web development is more logical. Web Design uses markup languages and web development uses programming languages. Also, even though the two are different things they need each other to be able to be a good running website (4 Things You, 2015). The funny thing when reading this was that I did not know there was a difference between markup languages and programming languages. I thought that HTML was a programming language. So in my class that I took I thought I already made a website, but I only designed one. Which is honestly still a little bit confusing to me. It’s confusing because I was able to make clickable stuff and run the website when I used markup language. It seemed like a running website to me. I guess that there is more to it than just that? I am looking to do more research in the topic of web development because it does confuse me a lot. Is a website using HTML just design and not a real working website then?

Design Design Design

This is my favorite topic of all time. Art styles change throughout time and people may have different views on what looks nice. However, design is design as long as it works with what type of website an individual is looking to build then it is good. What does works with the type of website mean though? When reading “Trustworthiness in Web Design: 4 Credibility Factors” it made me remember that there can be bad design. It’s actually cool to see that I subconsciously follow a lot of the tips that are given in the article. When I design something I think of what my theme is and I try to match up colors and what I draw to go with that particular idea. So for example, if I wanted to make a website about how to sleep better I would choose colors that are darker and more calming like purple, blue, black and white. Colors that when people see they think of night and think of sleep. The visuals and how things are place are all important aspects of designing a website. There are also developmental designs. One is the ordering of what pops up on the website. In the article they talked about how if you ask people for personal information before letting them see the site, they will have less trust of the website and not use it. (Bedford, 2016). For example, if I made the website with tips on how to sleep better and the first thing that pops up is asking the person for their house address they would run fast from the site. Designing is not just I drew something like Van Gogh and now I can just put it on my website and it will look nice. It depends on what the theme and topic of the website and how you can work design into it. I think this is the same for any other designing projects. For books the artwork also works around the topic and the story of the book. The same goes for Interior designing, it revolves around the style of the room.

How I feel of the Week

In the end, this week was filled with many new things. Web Design and Web Development is connected and need each other to make a website. Because I’m more interested in designing than actual coding I went on to find this article “What Is Design? Unlocking The Genius Within”. In it one person talks about how they believe that design is “to mark out” something (Hwang, 2014). While I was doing the assignments for this week it reminded me of this article because I was drawing out a layout of websites. I do think the first step of designing or any artwork is to do an outline first. Although I say I am more interested in design it’s because I am more familiar with it and I’m not as familiar with development. Therefore, I am looking forward to learning more about web development and how to code and maintain a website. For now, it seems to me as if a website can’t make itself with just designs.


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