She was unable to learn to sew due to colorism, so I began to create in her honor

TThe crooked stitches ride across the fabric, their wavering lines like rivers on a map. My hands hold the material steady, but I still can’t seem to master straight lines just yet. Practice, I tell myself. Practice and patience, which is funny when I think about it. I have little…

Black girl magic been around a long time

TThe world has always had magic in it. Depending on the time and place, magic and the people who practice it have been known by various names: witch, wizard, folk magic, witchcraft, voodoo, rootworker, conjurer, hoodoo.

Black magic is not the same as blacks’ magic, but the confusion surrounding hoodoo…

Del Sandeen

Writer. Fiction and non-fiction. Family, coffee, books — in whatever order.

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