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With the holidays becoming a distant memory instead of a looming due date, many of us have probably found ourselves in a particular situation.

A situation that is better known as being broke.

Christmas gifts, equipment needed to fulfil that brilliant New Year’s resolution or even just regular old bills, whatever the cause, January has brought with it some very depressing bank account figures. When added to the uncertainty of today’s economy especially when looking at the job market, a financial pick-me-up is less of a bonus and more of a necessity.

Thankfully, there are freelance sites galore that can…

Something is watching you

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Photo by Arun Pattanayak on Unsplash

Caitlyn sighed for what felt like the hundredth time in ten minutes.

She hated that she was sitting in her car outside a nerd’s house instead of getting ready for her Halloween party. But she wasn’t going to let the little freak show up in some stupid costume and embarrass her. Not at the most talked about party of the year, she’d be damned if she let Joshua Allen ruin her reputation like that.

It wasn’t like she could blame anyone else for her situation.

She had cheated on her exams but she’d only done it because her parents expected…

Ecommerce blogging made simple

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In the steadily growing world of e-commerce, it is extremely important that businesses incorporate the practice of blogging into their marketing plan. E-commerce blogs act as a funnel that leads potential clients to a specific company or financial entity ensuring that the product or service that they are offering is introduced to the public. In addition, e-commerce blogging also helps to increase traffic, generate leads, and highlight a business’ product or service.

However, it is not enough to simply create a blog and hope that it will succeed. There are various steps that should be taken to ensure that a…

Fixing your relationship problems by using your ears

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Photo by Vera Arsic from Pexels

The term conflict, when viewed from a psychological standpoint, may refer to conflicting thoughts, actions or words. A conflict may also refer to a prolonged struggle or short-term period of emotional or mental disruption.

At times, conflicts can even be unconscious, meaning that the individual may be unable to correctly identify the source of their discontent, thereby making conflict resolution an extremely difficult process.

The situation surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic has given birth to several forms of conflict.

The lockdown has led to an increasing number of conflict within family units as individuals are forced to spend more time in…

The world is a heavy weight

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Photo by Siddhant Kumar on Unsplash

Membership at the Pantheon Fitness Centre was something of a celebrity experience to those in the fitness circle. The place had a waiting list of almost a year because people who signed up never seemed to leave.

All the big-name health enthusiasts frequented the large centre because unlike others of its kind, the Pantheon actually delivered. The centre had never even had a negative review.

If you wanted a new body? They’d make sure you got it.

Wanted to achieve the level of zen that seemed to transcend simple yoga practice? …

Nothing can wash away sin

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Photo by Briona Baker on Unsplash

The first thing Matt noticed were her eyes.

He’d been on his afternoon swim off the coast of the villa he’d rented for his holiday when she emerged from the pristine depths, the weight of the water not quite enough to smother the curls that crowned her head like a halo.

For a moment, Matt was frozen.

She was beautiful…as stunning as the models sprawled across the pages of the expensive glossy-paged magazines that his latest fling of the week seemed to love.

She bobbed in the water, her full bosom heaving as she caught her breath and Matt knew…

Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it

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Photo by Jill Wellington from Pexels

At first, rabbit hunting had been a necessity in Steve’s household.

His parents had been forced to grow most of their vegetables to save on cash and the little pests were constantly in their gardens, eating everything they could find.

Steve shot his first rabbit at the tender age of eight and he hadn’t looked back since.

As the economy got better, his hunting became less of a necessity and more of a hobby.

It was something to do in their quiet town, something that kept him out of trouble and at nineteen, he was pretty damn good at it…

If you don’t like your face, change it

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Photo by Mallory Johndrow on Unsplash

Catherine sighed as she glanced around the small odd shop.

There were several things floating in jars full of murky liquid that she really didn’t want to think about. Dragging her gaze from them and the odd trinkets hanging from the ceiling, several of which she was sure were made from bones, she sighed again.

She was pretty certain that the place wasn’t up to code but the flawless makeup on the women and men sitting in the chairs had her biting her tongue, instantly killing that line of thought. …

A job to die for

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Photo by Sandy Millar on Unsplash

Rob hated his job.

That was the beginning, middle and end of it.

He hated his ungrateful clients, he hated his coworkers and most of all, he hated his boss.

The thoughts followed him as he stormed out of the building and into the fresh air.

The buzz of chatter as the other departments let out for lunch chased him like uninvited ghosts and he hurried across the full parking space, taking a seat on the bench he’d long ago mentally claimed as his own.

His hands shook as he lit his cigarette and the first drag was almost painful…

Hope held together by stitches and lies

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Photo by Rubén Bagüés on Unsplash

“ — — you hear me?”

The words filtered past the haze that was David’s brain and he tried to latch onto it as something shook him.

“Get up!”

Like a hook attached to his consciousness, the voice dragged him from the shadows and David blinked slowly.

He could feel the sun scorching his skin and the roughness of sand beneath his fingers. He didn’t know where he was or how he’d gotten there but when a familiar face moved into his line of vision, he smiled without a thought.

“Don’t sit there grinning like a loon, move your ass,”…

Delta B. McKenzie

I’m just a Jamaican-British writer trying to make things work in a big world. Find me on twitter @db_mckenzie.

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