Fixing your relationship problems by using your ears

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The term conflict, when viewed from a psychological standpoint, may refer to conflicting thoughts, actions or words. A conflict may also refer to a prolonged struggle or short-term period of emotional or mental disruption.

At times, conflicts can even be unconscious, meaning that the individual may be unable to correctly identify the source of their discontent, thereby making conflict resolution an extremely difficult process.

The situation surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic has given birth to several forms of conflict.

The lockdown has led to an increasing number of conflict within family units as individuals are forced to spend more time in close quarters. Tensions are also high in the professional field as many businesses have been forced to shut their doors leaving employees in a form of indefinite limbo, in some cases, and without a job in others. …


Delta B. McKenzie

I’m just a Jamaican-British writer trying to make things work in a big world. Find me on twitter @db_mckenzie.

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