Building a Decentralized Intelligent Contract for Freelancers with Blocklancer Platform

Era like now is very difficult in finding the job field in accordance with expectations, ok I will try to make a post profit try to provide the right solution for the problem as before ….

Blocklancer is the so-called Distributed Autonomous Employment Market (DAJ) on the Ethereum platform, our vision of self-regulating platforms to find work and complete projects. This will change the way freelance work, both for the customer and the freelancer, and this will increase the reliability off to a higher level.

Anything we can do in Blocklancer let’s see together maybe this could be a solution to solve your problems above earlier

Find a job easily even without the knowledge of what a blockchain is. You can find a job on a blocklancer job market platform or build your reputation as a freelancer and be contacted directly by customers who ask for your expertise. Simplicity is the core principle of this platform.

In need of getting a job done? No problem! Simply create a job offer at our platform and wait for freelancers to take you up on your offer or contact trustworthy freelancers directly. It’s as easy as it gets!

With this project, Blocklancers want to address some of the issues that are currently prevalent in the real world, including but not for: fake reviews, getting payments for your work reliably and the uncontrollable influence of central authority figures.

Guaranteed Payment
At Blocklancer you only have to pay if you are 100% satisfied with the job or if a certain milestone is reached. And if there is a dispute, the token holder will decide. Never again will you find unilateral decisions by biased authorities and unfair financial losses.

Fair and Authentic Dispute Resolution
Never rely on one authority to resolve your dispute again. With the decision of the holders of token holder blocklancer (ENT), the decision is in the hands of thousands of token holders, which ensures a fair decision.

Low Cost
Our cost is only 3% per job, several times lower than other freelancing sites. Freelancing will ultimately be a profitable way to earn money — and reliable too.

No Sensors
Due to blockchain, your job offer can not be removed under any circumstances. Barbarity and personal feelings no longer play a role, because the blockchain can not be damaged.


TokenLancerSymbolLNCTechnologyEthereumStart Date7th September 13:00:00 UTCEnd Date21st September 13:00:00 UTCMaximum Cap in Pre-Sale500 ETHPricing

20,000 LNC : 1 ETH


100% of Blocklancers fees are distributed amongst token holders

LNC is a tradeable token


TokenLancerSymbolLNCTechnologyEthereumDateWinter 2017/18Maximum Cap1,000,000,000 LNCMinimum Tokens200,000,000 LNCPricing

power day with 12,000 LNC : 1 ETH

after power day: 10,000 LNC : 1 ETH for first 10 Million Tokens

rate decreases by 1% for every 10 Million Tokens sold

minimum rate is 7,000 LNC : 1 ETH


100% of Blocklancers fees are distributed amongst token holders

LNC is a tradeable token

Stage 1:
* Build Fundamentals
* The Concept of Creation
* Smart Contract
* API & Tools
* Start building user base
* Start Building Frontend
* Financing & ICO
* Launch

Stage 2:
* Decentralize everything
* Decentralization of Communication
* Expand the user base
* Extensive Testing
* Really decentralize

Stage 3:
* Bring it to Everyone
* Real-world services

If you are interested in this project, you can read the whitepaper to get a more complete explanation

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