Our Vision

2 min readFeb 17, 2022

Many of our society’s greatest challenges stem from a lack of geopolitical collaboration. Especially when mobilizing large-scale engineering projects that seek to provide better access to water, electricity, housing, transportation, and the internet.

Today, we are completely dependent on the government and socially conscious corporations to coordinate capital towards solving these problems. But these problems are not exclusively theirs, they are ours and their influence must be expanded to include everyone.

The current methods employed by government agencies, when financially collaborating with private industry (and other governmental bodies), to address these problems must be completely reconstituted. Lowering the barrier of entry to these projects, in a decentralized fashion, will enable P3s to become an asset class that is driven from the bottom-up.

On Delta P3 we can coordinate capital together by rethinking how public-private partnerships (P3s) are cultivated. By treating capital as a utility for economic development, $DP3 offers a new way for investors to intimately participate in true impact investing. Token holders can vote on what projects we finance, propose projects, and advise on how we finance them. They can use their voice and participate in open discussions about what projects are most needed (or desired) globally. They can even participate in incentive-based duties for designing or lobbying projects!

Together we have the opportunity to create an internet-sovereign asset manager where its executive function is fairly distributed across its participants.

When we mobilize capital in this manner, we are more effectively (and honestly) proving public support (one of the most challenging steps that governments and private industry face when coordinating P3s today). This will enable P3s to become more socially conscious, more environmentally friendly, and more beautifully constructed.

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-Delta P3 team