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Case Study — Peller Estates Winery and The Flower Collection

Project Type: Academic/Self-Driven

Tasks: Branding, Packaging Design, Art Direction

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Indesign, and Photoshop

The Brief

I had to design a new logo for our existing winery to our strategy. And Create many solutions to the problem, and execute the best concept in three different ways. Then I had to brand this new identity: Website (3 pages), mobile version, inside/outside signage, and business card. The learning objectives for this project was designed to a strategy and applying to brand to many pieces. And for the purpose of this project was to refresh the brand because this is a typical project in the industry. Understanding this design process is a vital part of coming up with several solutions that are on strategy. Choosing the best concept is paramount, as is the correct execution that supports the strategy. Once we had to the logo finalized we moved on to create labels and packing for a new series of three wines that the winery was launching.

The Concept

The overall brief of the project as stated above is that we had to re-design or create a new winery logo. Then afterward we would have created packaging for the new series of three wine bottles that the winery is going to launch. So I choose to re-design Peller Estates Winery logo and the create a new series for them to launch.

The Research

In 1989, Andrew’s grandson, John, became the third generation to continue the family’s legacy of creating truly world-class wines and winery experiences for Canadians to enjoy with family and friends. An ever-growing collection of national and international wine awards and over 280,000 visitors to the winery each year are a testament to the power of a timeless vision, an unfaltering commitment to family and a country that allows the dreams of newcomers to take flight. The Peller Estates team takes great pride in having operated for four generations as a family-owned Canadian company. It’s a legacy that reminds us that above all else, family matters.

Wine labels do more than just paint a pretty picture. They’re a huge factor in helping people purpose the wine, and can determine the perceived value, and actually change the taste of the wine because if the customer finds the bottle aesthetically pleasing then they will love the taste of the wine. Not only does the level change what people think about the wine it helps them purchase the wine in the first place. Your design is extremely important because it has to be the best one that stands out on that shelf.

After doing lots of research I found that when it comes to the actual design, there are a number of important factors I needed to consider. The first is if the ins is part of a series you needed to ask myself if my idea can be expanded one when more wines come out. The next factor would be the price of the wine. If it’s an expensive bottle, I’d like to go with more expensive looking colours like gold, beige, deep red and shiver to show that wine has more value to it then it’s competition. Always choose a colour scheme that will make my wine look aged and expensive. The main thing to do when designing a wine label is to make it stand out from the other competition. I have to think about what I’d want to see when I’m at the liquor store.

The Design Strategy

Peller Estates aims to produce wines that rank among the best in the world. Peller Estates logo is very classy so I still wanted to tie that classy theme together when re-designing the new logo. Some objectives for the company brief are that the client wants to sell more products and they want to produce/sell premium-quality wine. The target audience is 21+, people inserted in premium wines and high-class people with lots of income. Generally speaking, classic wine label designs are found on wines from classic wine growing regions. The message for Peller Estates is that they aim to produce wines that rank among the best in the world. So with that said I started to tackle the logo because I knew exactly what Peller Estates image had to be. At first, I did some rough sketches of the few different word mark for Peller Estates. As you can see my typefaces that I was going for was elegant and classy.

After looking through my sketches I choose which typeface I was going with and started to do some type trails and different colour swatches which are shown below. I wanted to tie in the Peller Estates colours that represent the winery the most and to keep it consist so the costumers will still be able to notice the brand but the logo will just have a slight change to it.

Once I had the final logo done I was ready to move on to create the wine labels for the new series Peller Estates was going to launch. The theme I have chosen for my collection produced by Peller Estates Winery is a flower theme. Each flower has a unique meaning about it. So instead of the customer buying a flower, they can buy a bottle of wine that is named the flower they wanted. The bottle provides a description of the meaning of the flower on the back of the label. The Rose meaning is ‘a red rose is an unmistakable expression of love. Red roses convey deep emotions — be it, love, longing or desire. Red Roses can also be used to convey respect, admiration or devotion. A deep red rose can be used to convey heartfelt regret and sorrow.’ The Orchid ‘is a symbol of exotic beauty. It symbolizes refinement, thoughtfulness and mature charm. It also symbolizes proud and glorious femininity.’ And the daisy symbolizes innocence and purity. It can also symbolize new beginnings. The flower meaning of daisy is loyal and love.

The Summary

The challenge to this project was picking a theme for the new collection because I wanted it to be different and out of the box. This project taught me to push my creative thinking and maintain a consistent look throughout my design.