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What a wonderful call to action and to responsibility for responding to the world’s problems. It is encouraging to hear because, to be honest, my experience is slightly different (at least in the students I have taught — my experience outside that group, such as with my friends who make up the upper age range of the Millennials, has been different). “It’s not fair. We didn’t cause that.” More often than not, the next thing I hear tends to be a disengagement from the problem: “because we didn’t cause that, it is not our responsibility to fix it…or, at the very least, we can address it as long as it does not come at much cost or sacrifice to us personally.” Of course, what goes unspoken there is “and because it doesn’t directly affect us” — the result of coming from a place of relative wealth and privilege that insulates people from the more serious of the problems happening in our world. You speak of disillusionment, but what I see more often is simply indifference, or caring as long as it is easy, or a lack of communal spirit and obligation and solidarity. You are one of the good ones, who sees through all those things, and you have an important role to play in reaching out to those who do not share your commitment to addressing the problems we face.

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