Five non-profits that are smashing the patriarchy

Breaking the dang glass ceiling. Credit: Creative Commons nex230

This is the first in a series of lists of non-profit organizations you should know about. We all want to Smash the Patriarchy. I enjoy just saying the phrase. Say it with me: SMMMAAASH the PATRIARCHY.

Here are a few small non-profits that are taking this on in their communities. Follow them on social media, join one of their events, and donate to these great organizations.

1. Frailty Myths

Image from Frailty Myths

This group of badass ladies are taking on the myth that ladies are dainty little butterflies. They provide training in traditionally male-dominated spaces, like woodworking, sailing, welding, and rope climbing. They work to “Reimagine Femininity”, providing practical skills, promote leadership in women, and smash the myth of frailty. Most of their trainings happen in the Bay Area, but they have held one so far on the East Coast. (I’m crossing my fingers for more!)

Note: The organization notes that the trainings are set up for “anyone who identifies as a woman, trans, or gender non conforming”

2. Feminist Library On Wheels — FLOW

photo credit: FLOW

FLOW is based out of the Women’s Center for Creative Work in Los Angeles, which houses artist collaborations, hosts events, and supports other groups like this. The co-founders of FLOW are self-proclaimed “lifelong bookworms and devoted cyclists”, and have over 4,000 books ranging from biographies of great women to zines on women in art. You can take out their books at designated events and farmers markets around town, and visit the open house at the end of this month!


A woman’s place is at the head of the struggle

That is a pretty awesome slogan, and makes me want be a part of everything AF3IRM doing. This group has chapters across the country, leading workshops and celebrations focusing on the intersectionality of women’s issues, and campaign against sex trafficking. They run summer school programs to train women to be leaders in social and political actions. Because, yes, a woman’s place IS at the head of the struggle, and the head of the resistance.

4. Women’s Institute for Leadership Development (WILD)

From the recent summer training program at WILD

Like AF3IRM, this group also trains young women leaders in their community, mostly focused on union leadership. WILD teaches basic leadership skills, as well as coalition building, racial and gender intersectionality, and legal know-how for union organizing. Based on the South Shore of Massachusetts, their trainings are conducted in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

5. 28 Too Many

Okay, now to take things internationally — it’s hard to smash the patriarchy in the 28 (yes twenty-eight) countries that still have female genital mutilation. We gotta stop this bullshit. FGM causes numerous health issues during or immediately after the procedure, as well as the emotional and physical scarring that lasts throughout a woman’s life. 28 Too Many partners with local communities, including the Maasai Cricket Warriors in Kenya, to educate, share tools and best practices to stop FGM globally.

I’ll say it again: Follow these non-profits on social media, join them for events in your area, and donate to these fantastic groups smashing the patriarchy.

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