R Markdown on Github Pages | Set LaTeX Parameters in bookdown

How to set LaTeX parameters in R Markdown. From simple to complex document structures — an example with bookdown.

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I started my Bayesian Network Compendium as a classical LaTeX document. It’s purpose is not only to focus on theory but also show practical examples which I demonstrate in the programming language R. This brought me to switch from a vanilla LaTeX document to R Markdown.

Let me start with a very brief comparison of the markup languages LaTeX, Markdown and R Markdown to help you better understand how they play in concert. Then I will guide you on the implementation of user specific LaTeX settings in R Markdown documents.

At the end you will:

R markdown on GitHub Pages | automated with GitHub Actions

A 10 step guide to a completely automated and pure GitHub workflow for hosting your bookdown project on GitHub Pages. No Travis. No Jekyll. No Hugo. Not local.

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After writing the first parts of my Bayesian Network Compendium in a classical LaTeX document, I was looking for the optimal solution to receive continuous feedback on the manuscript and make it available to a wide audience while still working it.

Overleaf is a great tool for reviewing LaTeX documents. You share a link to the document with people you’d like to contribute — either by writing or commenting. This process is great if you publish after completion of the manuscript as it is customary in peer-reviewed scientific journal articles.

However, I aimed for an open source and continuous publishing…

Matteo Delucchi

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