Ramadan 1438 Diaries — Pt. 1

The blessed month of Ramadan has arrived and let us see what has happened so far.

I woke up to the news that a TMA flight had lost control and fell into the VIA waterdrome. It was carrying 9 passengers and 3 crew members. Jeez. What a way to start the day.

During the noon I heard about high prices in the local market. Which nobody needs to worry about because we do have a great economist as our president.

The news of a small burglary hit my ears as iftar time neared. I thought that would be all for the day but no. STELCO was to arrive on stage the following night.

I don’t remember exactly how many times but I can be sure that we had power outages more than three times that night. Yeah. FYI that is the time that we eat and get ready to fast the next day.

STELCO had apparently issued a notice via radio, but damn I don’t see anybody listen to that nowadays. They could have used the screen on which they show Maldivian Idol.

So yeah, I’m not sure what to expect in the coming 30 or so days. Let’s wait and see if anything happens, other than the usual traffic jams and broad-in-daylight robberies.