How to Apply Grout Sealer

Even well-applied grout will become subject to damage caused by dampness, abrasive substances, corrosive chemicals and regular wear and tear. This can be banned by applying a sealant to act as a barrier over the grout surface after you finish regrouting tile. This not only prolongs the life of the grout, it also protects the exterior from grime and staining.

Applying a sealant can be a simple DIY job, provide you have the correct tools to do it. Here are tips on how to apply grout sealer without hire an expert.

How to Apply Grout Sealer in 4 Steps

Step 1:

If the grout has just been functional, stay for it to dry for about 3 days before sealing. Check the combined for any damage, grime or loosened piece. If there are sure imperfections you can discover, it is best to fix them prior to the request of a sealant.

High-Pressure Cleaning

Step 2:

Use a high-quality sealant. Low-grade sealers are not probable to previous long and will require re-application after only a small period. Understand the instructions cautiously prior to application.

There are two kinds of applicators on grout sealants — the “brush on” and the spray. Brush-ons come with a brush or roller ball tip, so the sealant has to be applied straight onto the combined. If you use the brush category, it might take a as to complete a job. It does, however, work fine for vertical surface.

The spray type makes the work earlier but it can make a mess if you do not work charily. You do have to do some cleanup after that if you decide the spray type but it does shorten the time you use applying the sealant.

Tip: decide a cool day to apply grout sealer. If the temperature is too burning or too cold, sealant dries faster. A quart of sealer will be sufficient for about 200 square feet of 1/8 inch grout lines.

Step 3:

Apply a fine amount of sealer so that the grout is completely saturated. Some amount might discover its way on the surface of the tile but it can be wiped off afterward. Work in small section at a time and allow the grout to turn out to be saturated for 10 to 15 minutes. If it absorbs the sealer, simply re-apply.

Step 4:

Once the grout is soaked, wipe off any surplus sealer using some paper towels. Clean the tiles and grout lines cautiously. Sealant left to dehydrated will look untidy later. If grout haze does come into view on tiles, simply seal the spots and wipe off.