Cairo Egypt Tours: 5 Exciting activities and places to be part of

Cairo is the capital and Egypt is the country. Famous and synonymous with the pyramids and the pharaohs, Egypt is a place to be. True as it may be renowned for pyramids, there is a lot more for tourists when they visit Egypt. Both of its terrestrial and aquatic environments have one or two things to offer visitors. If you are thinking of a visit outside the normal pyramids of the pharaohs, here are some other interesting places and activities that will give you more spice in your Cairo tours.

The safari exposition

If you haven’t got a taste of the desert adventure in the safari then you’ve left something out of your visit. The Sinai and Sahara desert experiences are worth exploring as a tourist. Talk of the camel’s back ride or going on the drive in a 4-wheel, you can explore the safari to the fullest. The dry sand of the desert and the serenity of the environment are the strong points that give this place its purpose on earth.

The monumental Sphinx

The half-lion and half-human Sphinx found in Giza is one place you must have a feel of if you are thinking of a good time out in Egypt. There is a measure of night time here to be educated view multimedia on the historical background of this structure and the pyramids that are all associated with Egypt and people of it.

Aquatic sports

The Nile is a river with a long history and the longest in the continent of Africa. Egyptians thus enjoy the sports that are water-related. As tourists, you can go the underwater gardens way to have a view of the beautiful species of fishes and water creatures like corals in a transparent enclosure. More closely in sports is Hurghada with a night life and clubs for tourists to loosen up a bit. You can equally go cruising and have a beach vacation at the Red sea.

Antiquities of Egypt

You cannot fully appreciate the mysteries of the ancient land of Egypt enough until you find yourself in the Cairo museum. There is no having Cairo tours without making a visit to this area that houses the history and memories in artistic and sculptural finishes. You can have a nice excursion at the Ras Mohammed nature reserve that is underwater built or have a walk in the Bedouin camp.

Casinos in Egypt

Yes! There is casino in Egypt. It is not all history and the monuments; there is time to game some systems. There are some casinos in Egypt if you are feeling like it. You’ll get to play the popular American Roulette, Stud poker, and Pinto Bunco.

If anything at all in a tour, Cairo day tours are such experiences that everyone would enjoy to be part of especially if you are in the hands of a reliable agency that has every package set out to give you the memory you’ll love to carry on for the time it lasts.

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