Holiday Packages to Egypt: Having a Great Time in Egypt

A particular place in Egypt that has become a regular place for tourists to visit is the River Nile.

River Nile Cruise

One can get to have a cruise in style on the River Nile. The cruise would give one that privilege of seeing the whole river as it is one of the most historic rivers in the world. The River Nile is a river known across the globe, as it is also the longest river in Africa. The River Nile cruise would ensure that one has a perfect view of the historic river. Tourists are advised to go along with their cameras to take pictures of the wonderful river. There are various agencies that offer River Nile cruise. The River Nile cruise is available in various packages, depending on the price. The means of transportation and the offers gotten also defer, depending on the price.

Experience of Cruise ship:

With River Nile cruise, tourists can follow in the footsteps of pharaohs as they cruise on the river. Cruising on the river would enable tourists beautiful and historical buildings beside the river. The gentle cruise would enable tourist relax well and even sleep off. Apart from seeing the river, one would also enjoy other packages like tasty Egyptian meals, drinks etc. Tourists can get to enjoy the experience of flowing on the River Nile and the lovely hotels beside the river. Tourist can get to lodge in these beautiful hotels, relax and have fun. These hotels are very wonderful as they treat customers like royalties. Tourists can cruise the River Nile and afterwards stop off in Luxor, Sharm el Sheikh’s Red Sea coastal resort etc to relax and have fun. Cruising on the River Nile is a very wonderful experience that one would never forget. One can either decide to have an afternoon or night cruise. These cruises are available in different packages. One can decide to have the cruise on a boat, yacht, ship etc. Any means of cruising on the river is sure to be very interesting. Furthermore, one can go on the cruise for number of days. This means that one would experience fun different days.

Things to Do In Cairo

Apart from cruising on the Nile, there other things one can do to enjoy his time in Egypt. For example, one visit Cairo and open himself to a world of fun and enjoyment. What are the things one can do in Cairo? One can explore the whole area in Cairo in search of boutiques and museum. One can also get to enjoy the wonderful meals in Cairo. A breakdown of things can be done include:

• Full-day luxurious private planetour with lunch

• Visit Giza antiquities museum and bazaar

• Visit Pyramids, sphinx and Sakkara

• Small group pyramids of Giza adventure

• Full day private tour with lunchto Alexandria

• Sound and light show at the pyramids of Giza

• Private tour of old Cairo

• half-day private tourat Islamic sights

• full day privatetour via plane with lunchto Cairo

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