Nine Critical Features Snapchat Needs To Add
Hillel Fuld

These Suggested Snapchat Changes Are For Marketers

I understand what you want and why you want it, but, hating to be blunt, you are not the target audience. The demographic is a lot younger who don’t want their parents to see their stuff and commenting like on facebook. A reason, some parents won’t allow their kids to use it.

Youth, follow their friends, not strangers (thankfully).

I am for kids safety, and I don’t think it is smart or wise to promote following kids. Call me old fashioned, but I, as a parent, would feel creeped out if some 40 year old guy was following my 15 year old daughter to view her snaps about her school day. Unless that kid doing films or has a reason to be followed, then they should keep their space olds free.

The young and olds do Snapchat differently.

My understanding from the young is they focus on photos and filters, while the olds use video mostly. That may work for DJ Khaled, but you have to be bringing something to the table video worthy.

Hillel, if they allowed the ability to just add video from phone, you would have tons of marketers thinking Christmas has come early, and doing nothing, but commercials disguised as stories.

One of the things I like about Snapchat is that it’s not like the other social networks. Everyone is busy, and don’t have the time to be seeing the same thing multiple times. As it is, with the other social networks, you can put them all on autopost, but you can’t with Snapchat. That’s a win for viewers.

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