Social Media is the New Refined Sugar
Katya Obyedkova

You left Out the Facts

Whine! Whine! Whine! OK, I got that off my chest. Here’s the thing you didn’t take into account. What is value? Two of us can be reading the same article, and only one of us gets anything out of it. Oh, and my tastes varies at times according to my mood. It’s like music, one moment I may be listening to a beautiful classic number and the next rock out with U2.

Who gets to decide what I value other than me? On the surface your article seems well thought out and researched, until you dig deeper and see the obvious holes by purposely leaving out facts which we will get to as we go along.

Who Will be Doing the Value Checking?

My tastes are different from yours. My interest are different too. So who will decide if I got value for my money? I care very little about most sports, so does that mean I will be forced to endure reading about all of it or get my money back for stuff I don’t read?

What you don’t say is you are advocating for the further dumming down of Americans. You are not asking for original reporting and fact checking, but that some organization tells the American public what is true, as they know it, and to eliminate further review for themselves. Let’s face it, Everyone knew what Trump was a pathological liar, petty, and serial adulter, but they didn’t care, because on the flip side, you had the same media that was calling him a liar falling over themselves to get him or his people on the airwaves for ratings. So instead of the lead being he lied, it was constantly repeating the lie at the top. So fact checkers didn’t help, since facts didn’t matter. Telling the truth after the fact is about advancing an agenda not about keeping the public informed.

So tell me again who will give this utopia of journalism you describe when it all comes down to ratings and views?

Social Media is not the issue

The easy cure is if you don’t like social media then stay off it. It’s simple and to the point. Another totally easy thing to do is don’t read your news on social media. Pay for your papers and such, so your pre-2000 mindset doesn’t go into a spasm. And finally, if you choose to use social media for your news, then at least be responsible and only follow and read from trusted news sources, but good luck with that since Trump has made the public distrust the media.

Oh, and what you didn’t share was that the majority of those shared links are never clicked or read even by the people who share them.

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