Hillary Clinton, “moderate” Republican

Republican: Supports prison industry, supports drug war, supports war, supports insurance industry, supported Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, supports one form of relationship over others. Moderate: has experienced life as a privileged woman.

I am not a Democrat. I am not a Republican. I am not a Conservative, I am not a Liberal, I am not a Socialist. Political parties don’t fit me. I vote progressive. That said, I am personally far too fiscally conservative, and that shows in what I have accomplished economically. A lot of this is my fear that controls me (though admittedly, I also abhor the asocial behaviour required to become economically “successful”). I logically know that fiscal conservatism doesn’t help me, but as with most conservatives, I am far too often ruled by fear.

And yet, when we work together, when we join forces, I know we can do so much more. Together, we become more powerful, more capable, better. This has been demonstrated throughout history. When your neighbour does better, you do better. That is why, despite being a miserable, personal fiscal conservative, I know that sometimes as a society - a social cooperative - we must take on financial risk to advance. We must not be afraid to mix things up; to throw out old notions and embrace new ones.

So why would I vote for a candidate that espouses a “we can’t” philosophy? I look to a candidate who espouses a “we can” philosophy. Clinton loves to say “we can’t”. We hear it in every debate, in every commercial, in every utterance from her lips. We can’t have a single-payer health care system. We can’t throw out what we have to get something better. We can’t do a lot better, we just have to be satisfied with a few crumbs here and there. Fuck that.

With Bernie Sanders, we hear “we can”. We can. WE CAN.

What two more powerful words are there? We. Can.

I don’t want a throw-back to the Reagan/Bush/Clinton/Bush-eras. I want a visionary. I don’t want yet another Republican, after 36 years of Republican control (1981–2008; yes, even Obama turned out to be a corporate shrill for his first 4 years). I want a positive, “we can make this country a better place” attitude. I don’t want a “moderate” Republican, I want a real progressive.

So here’s the deal. If we can’t have a progressive as candidate for president, because you democrats crave yet another Republican dynasty, I grant you your wish. If it’s Clinton vs. Trump, I vote Trump. Fuck you. You need to learn a lesson. Canada had to go through ten years of such a lesson. Canada almost lost. Things got ugly. It becomes more evident every day how bad things had gotten. But it taught Canadians a lesson, in the end. Progress does not come from idiots with heads in the sand. And so to, the US may have to learn.

Fuck your “we can’t” attitude, Clinton.

Thank you for your “we can” philosophy, Sanders.

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