A Gauntlet Has Been Thrown Down

Things Just Got Very Interesting In The 1000 Page View Celebration Write All Night-Athon Contest

A friend and regular reader who has been following my every contest move with rapt attention informed me that it would be even more impressive if I were to publish pieces that span the gamut of major styles and themes available in Medium and in writing in general. So far I have covered basically commentary, responses, edits, and non fiction. It is currently 9:36 EST so my time is getting more compressed and I still need at least 3 more quality posts to make my challenge goal. Definitely I need fiction and poetry. I have never been much of a poet, in fact that is probably too generous a description of my level of skill in the area. That said one of my most popular articles of all time here (currently #2) is a poem titled, The Hole in Space — A Short Poem with a Hat. It is a strange beast allright. A sci-fi poem, or perhaps Lovecraftian fiction poem. In any event the people seem to really dig it so lets see if I can update this classic work from way back in December of 2015 without destroying the essence of what made it work so well in the first place. My first attempt at a follow up, The Hole in Space — A Short Poem with a Hat Continued was pretty much a bust from a popularity perspective though I really like it.

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