quickly gave way to a sobering realization that people do seem to have minds of their own and can decide whether or not they’re willing to accept information that’s being communicated at them
On Nature, Nurture, and Agency
Martin Rezny

Agreed. So why is everyone so quick to believe that tech geniuses are somehow better at this than the propagandists? I know why. Because tech, oh yeah and because they are using a more cognitive approach (read, we don’t really know what that is but it sounds scientific so obviously it is more effective). Unlike the propagandists and “traditional” (read, not tech) media companies the techies have cracked the nut and can trick and manipulate us into checking our smartphones, or clicking on some bullshit, or going to some website over and over. They do even better than the grocery stores in controlling our behavior and influencing our purchasing decisions. Hopefully the grocery stores stay off of the internet, with the combined powers of visual merchandising through store layout and internet thingamajigs we may be “tricked” into buying the frosted mini-wheats instead of the oatmeal even more easily.

Why am I so easy to manipulate? I guess because I am stupid. Oh well, I deserve it, I should have been born smarter and in a better family. Stupid genes and environment (look at that nature vs. nurture) we have come full circle.

One of these days I promise to make it through one of your pieces with 0 tech tirades. It will happen right around the time of the singularity which for sure is coming in 2020 or whenever you want really. Speaking of the singularity was it always defined by the requirement of the creation of artificial superintelligence? Most writings on this issue I have seen fail to make a distinction between artificial intelligence and artificial superintelligence. I am not sure such a distinction can be made or how one would go about evaluating such a distinction were it even theoretically possible, but which is it singularity people? I need to know as I want my AI to be involved and might have to adjust my build timeline if this superintelligence thing is a problem.

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