Cats say nothing
A Passel Of Random Musings
Mike Essig

Clearly you have not met my cats. I can’t get them to shut up already. All day and all night it’s pay attention to me this, pet me that, give me food, I want that spot on the bed, no not that spot, this spot, look at me, play with me, I am going to throw up now, I just threw up, I’m tired, I’m sleepy, I’m exhausted, you bore me, you annoy me, stop touching me, please touch me, get away from me, come over here, bite me, eat me, fuck off, I hate you, I love you, you are warm, you are cold, what is this thing, what is that thing, get this thing away from me, get that thing over here, get that thing out of here, what’s that outside, what’s that inside, who shut the door, who opened the door, I’m gonna throw up again, I just threw up again, etc. They just go on and on and on.Damn things. Lucky they so cute.