A list of artificial intelligence tools you can use today — for personal use (1/3)
Liam Hänel ♛

I also have a list of artificial intelligence tools you can use today. It contains the following items:


There are no items on the list because artificial intelligence does not exist, general or otherwise. Incidentally, the idea of general intelligence has been widely discredited much like the idea that intelligence can be represented by a single number (i.e. IQ). However, even if one accepts that there is such a thing as general intelligence it does not follow that there are other kind/types of intelligence, There is no other kind/type/category of intelligence than (general) intelligence. We can say little Johnny is smart at math or good at English but dumb in Science all we want, that does not have any bearing on his intelligence. Everything on the list in the post is a piece of software and/or associated hardware, sophisticated indeed but they can be downloaded, installed, transferred, bought, sold, reprogrammed, deleted, etc. None of those things can be done to/with intelligence. Ultimately the items on that list all exist as electronically encoded information, a series of 1s and 0s or other information carrying digit series or any other approach one might imagine. Intelligence does not exist as such, unless of course we are all living in a computer simulation. If that is indeed the case, and it very well could be, then I would argue there is no intelligence at all within the simulation. The only potentially intelligent things/beings would be those that set up and are running the program.

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