People get too caught up in trying to think of the most original blog post idea in the world or whatever when in reality it’s just about presenting an opinion on a topic and doing it well.
Here’s a quick way to generate hundreds of blog ideas using Quora
Jon Westenberg

I used to spend like at least 75% of my time content generating brainstorming or whatever but then I came up with a truly awesome idea. I call it the Content Generatotron 2000 or CG2000 for short, cool name I know. CG2000 is an old wooden salad bowl I was no longer using on account of a bad termite problem I had last year. I google search the most popular and awesome topics of the day then copy paste them into Microsoft Word. Then I print out a copy and cut it up into little squares with one topic per square. This is where CG2000 comes in. I put all the little squares with content ideas in and then I mix them all up. Its literal word salad. Pick one out and start blogging away. Pretty sweet right? Or whatever.

Keep on writing and The Mission rocks! It is my absolute favorite listicle generating, homepage blighting, brain deadening, electron waster. Love it.

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