How to Prove Reality is Glitching
Martin Rezny

Interesting chain of reasoning though I am not a big fan of invoking coincidences (either their inherent specialness or lack thereof) in these kinds of discussions. It becomes The Celestine Prophecy all too easily. I am sure you are no doubt aware of Nick Bostrom’s simulation argument and famous paper from way back in 2003. Its amazing how well that work still holds up today. It is worth another read if you haven’t in a while, particularly as it seems you have been thinking about this topic a good bit of late. As I recall he discusses the possibility of glitches in the simulation and suggests some possible strategies to confirm them as such in one section of the paper. Link to a PDF version so you don’t have to go hunting it down is below. If you get a chance I’d very much appreciate your take on a piece I just posted dealing with some IT bullshit I just went through with Medium. I was unable to access my account for 8 days and had to go through all kinds of crap to get it back.

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