Ivana Knezevic

I’ve refrained from commenting on this issue mostly out of, let’s call it respect for my elders. I’ve only been on the site for about a year and a half so I had not built up this whole identity that was partly wrapped up in it when “the big change” was announced. That said a very significant/traumatic event (the death of my wife) happened to me around the same time I was really ramping up my time spent writing here. I shared a lot of that experience in my pieces and got some really unbelievable emotional support, friendship, peace, whatever you want to call it, from the people of medium.

Because of that experience I have a very deep reservoir of goodwill for this place and I think I always will. If the site went belly up tomorrow and they shut it down for good I would miss it like a lost friend. Yes I criticize the hell out of it and I am always down for a Medium burn but those critiques mostly come from a place of hoping they can do better, it can get better.

So I paid my 5 bucks. Don’t regret it. Can’t imagine I ever would.

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