The Hole in Space — A Short Poem with a Hat Revisited

The hole in space in the corner of my closet slept for a time
Slumbered and ceased to grow
And shrunk 
The hat covered it completely now
It could be looked upon or stared at 
The hole was just a hole
Black and empty
No horror, no revulsion, no nausea 
Only a hole in the corner with a hat to cover it
Yet I still feared
There was a slight buzzing that persisted
An occasional pulsing or beating or humming
Or chanting or muffled roar
When I would reach to grab the hat
The sounds
Responded to my movements
Reacted to my fear
Followed my footsteps 
For now the hat needs to stay
For how long I cannot say
It is the only safety we have
The protector 
The preventer 
The keeper of the gate 
It is just a hat
So I still fear
And I wait
And watch
The beating of wings like drums
The buzzing of indescribable things
The hat must hold

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