Great response! Perhaps I am a bot myself. How would I know? :)
Mike Essig

To answer that somewhat seriously I would suggest you probably have a much higher probability of not being a bot than most simply by virtue of the fact that, as a poet, you are essentially an artist. Theoretically it would seem that the creation of genuine art would be the most difficult skill set for any bot to master. Generally speaking on the humanity spectrum art is usually viewed as occupying one end and the sciences the other with art requiring the most “creative/human/imaginative” elements and the sciences requiring the least of these. Obviously that is a vast oversimplification but I think most people would agree in a broad sense at least with that assessment. A bot would almost certainly excel in many aspects of the sciences, particularly math and logic, but almost as certainly struggle with artistic/creative endeavors like art.

Of course the people designing so called AI systems and bots of all types know this and continue to try and prove that their bot can be just as creative as a human. Typically this consists of them demonstrating a bot or computer program that can “write a symphony or a novel.” To date at least, all of these attempts have been massive failures, much like the attempts to create an actual AI. Of course if you read or watch the media reports of such things they seem like runaway successes and that it is only a matter of time before we have our first robot Bach or Frost. True intelligence and human level consciousness are pre-requisites for true art. We are nowhere near the intelligence part yet so we are even further from the art.

It’s really very simple, you are an artist, therefore you are not a bot.