VW Wildlife/Nature Photography Project — Cape Canaveral 2006

Part II of My Tribute Series to My Late Wife’s Wildlife Photography

Welcome to part II of my selection of some of the very best (my favorites) of my late wife Victoria’s immense catalog of wildlife/nature photography from her many years as a wildlife biologist/national park service employee. Today I present to you Cape Canaveral (Canaveral National Seashore) 2006. As usual I won’t say much but look for a comment here or there. Hardly any wildlife in this set but the sunset/sunrise shots are absolutely spectacular as per usual.

My baby in the middle looking gorgeous as always.
Had to include one for NASA. This is the last non wildlife/nature I promise. Cool though right?
Yellow suns
The colors!
This one looks like a nuke going off
Not a great place to be if you are scared of spiders. I almost shit my pants when i went for a visit and saw this overhead.
the only baby turtle pic in this set
gopher tortoise
Last one.

I love you baby! I miss you so much and think about you everyday still.

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