VW Wildlife/Nature Photography Project — Cape Hatteras 2005

Part I of My Tribute Series to My Late Wife’s Wildlife Photography

This is VW during a pelican banding in July 2005. Fearless as always.

I have felt so disconnected lately to Vickie. Yes, I still think about her everyday and I still have those once or twice a week breakdowns but in general I feel her receding from my life, and I hate it. It is making me even more sad, I do not want to let her go, I do not want to move on, I do not want her to recede. I was trying to think of a way to re-connect that was not too painful for me and that she would appreciate too. This was the best idea I came up with. I recognize it’s not very original or clever or whatever but she loved wildlife and nature so very much, and she was a truly gifted photographer of it. That is a claim many make but few really deliver the goods. It takes not only the talent and skill but a lot of luck and most importantly it access. Access to wildlife is one of the things that Vickie definitely had in spades. As a wildlife biologist of one form or another over much of her adult life she essentially lived in state and national parks, mostly seashores. I will be publishing pictures here from various places she worked whenever I think about it or feel like I need it or she does. I realize this is no professional photography site, I don’t care. I wanted to put them someplace where hopefully at least a few people might be able to see them and enjoy them. I will try to add captions to at least some if I have any additional information. Finally, the volume of her work is incredible. I could not hope to comb through all of it in a reasonable time frame. Baby, I am so sorry if I miss one or two you really wanted to see. I miss you.

CAHA lighthouse with rainbow. I thought this was a postcard when she first showed it to me. I still have a hard tim believing she got this shot. It is just slightly out of focus which is a real shame. There are a few more.
Zoomed out of same
She loved Terns. Also just slightly out of focus but still a great shot.
A tern colony
She had a knack for sunsets and sunrises. Being at a seashore gives quite spectacular views

And of course what she always loved most of all, even more than the birds, the turtles. There will be a lot more of these to come in the future.

Injured leatherback
Same guy
Go little guys, you can make it!
Baby Lagerhead
Stranded right whale
Water spout
Water spot 2 — Freakin Gorgeous
Last one — Sunset My Love.
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