5 Ways Brands can harness the power of Periscope

And how it’s a game changer

1- Brand Advocacy & Influencer Amplification

Brands can hire and engage with Top Advocates and Influencers to amplify their broadcasts, enhance product & service placement within a real-time scheme. Live coverage by celebrities & influencers is highly engaging with a less controlled streams, leading to more transparency & proximity.

2- Behind The Scenes Coverage

Opening up the backstage doors from product design, to internal brainstorming and all the exciting behind the scenes crunchy developemnts is a way to increase community retention and engagement. This will help brands share how-to’s, processes and a set of unique looks to their craftmanship. Fans can engage with brand to ask questions, share their feedbacks and suggestions, etc. It’s the new Focus Group !

3-Exlusive content and Special Events coverage

Brands can take the most out of the Live-Broadcast feature for new product launches for example, or new stores opening, with live coverage from A to Z : unboxing, tests, realt-time evaluation, etc. Products could even be evaluated before hitting the stores, and even sold before their official launch. Exclusive contents for Entertainement companies like trailers or BTS shots, or from CPG and Tech corporations with sneak peeks of new products, are highly engaging and activating moments.

4-Monetize Special Events

Click-To-Pay features will allow users to pay for premium content, like Premiere TV Shows, Movies, or Fashion Shows or One-To-One coaching sessions or Q&A sessions with celebrities and brand ambassadors.

5-Raising Awareness

Corporate Social Responsibility can gain a lot from live-broadcast to touch a larger audience, be it for Environment protection, Wildlife conservation, Vehicles safety, etc. Small & Short broadcasts with live interaction from community members can lead to larger message diffusion and propagation, and therefore a highly effective engagement.

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