Be a Kardashian

by Tabitha Upton

After it was (egregiously) pointed out to me that I only write blogs connecting pop culture to sales (seriously, I can’t stop), I began to think about the “trash” television shows I watch and how they’ve actually changed the way that I prospect and sell. In truth, the most popular reality television shows are often popular for specific reasons. In particular, the Kardashians have found a way to market themselves in such a way that most members of society groan when another story is brought up about them — however their brand is so strong that you can’t ignore their genius. So when thinking about new ways to introduce your product to prospects, be a Kardashian.

Be Kourtney.

Kourtney is likable. She’s constantly looking out for her family and is often one of the most reliable of the Kardashian siblings — and she lets you know it. Like Kourtney, when you prospect into a company you want to make sure that you market yourself as well as your product. People buy from people they like, so it’s important to develop a relationship with your prospects that goes beyond a simple sell. It’s often said that people have two ears and one mouth, so you should do half as much talking as listening. Make an effort to listen to your prospect and understand their pains and needs so that you’re able to tailor your product to what they really want, not what you think they want.

Be Kim.

Kim sets the trends — she doesn’t just wait for something to happen, she creates an event. Like Kim, you want to make sure you bring the event to your prospect. When looking to introduce your product it’s helpful to share an emerging trend in the industry. What’s happening in their industry? What is something that competitors might be looking to do? Your prospect should be thinking about keeping up and being a trendsetter in the industry. “Keeping up with the Joneses” is a classic example of companies trying to emulate their competition — something you can tease out in a conversation. Your prospect will be interested in hearing what competitors are thinking about because they don’t want to fall behind. By creating that sense of urgency and idea that others are looking to change, this will push them to do so as well.

Be Khloe.

Khloe is always trying to better herself. She is never satisfied with how she currently is, and her attempts to better herself and establish her own brand are well documented. Like Khloe, your prospects are constantly trying to better their processes. Whether they are trying to speed something up, cut costs, or find a system that is simpler to use, companies are rarely completely satisfied with their systems or platforms. Remember that as you reach out and start having conversations.

Be Rob.

As the youngest and least famous Kardashian, Rob is constantly trying to establish himself as his own person and set himself apart from the rest of his family (like his recent out of the box job idea). Like Rob, when you market your product to a company it’s important to show how this will set them apart. Will it make them more marketable to their own customers? Will it be a perk for their own employees? Find a way that your product will change the process for the company and make an impact on the business in either their big picture strategy or their day to day operations.

When I told my Director of Marketing I was writing a blog about the Kardashians, he laughed (he’s laughing right now as he reads through it, too). And while taking prospecting lessons from the Kardashians is actually fairly ridiculous, it is important to remember that a lesson can be found anywhere if you just know where to look.

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