Education, Timing, and…Backpacks?

demandDrive’s Culture of Giving Back — AJ Alonzo

demandDrive is all about education and timing. As a premier Demand Generation firm here in Boston, we pride ourselves on the quality of training that our SDRs get. They work hard at implementing tactics to help reach the right people, with the right message, at the right time. And it doesn’t stop after that initial knowledge transfer and training week, they’re always learning. Tips and templates fly from SDR to SDR, and our continuous workshop series help them to better personalize messages, write more compelling calls to action, and sound more polished on the phones. It’s like an academy within a company, and everyone is involved.

So naturally with school starting for so many kids across the country, we got together as a team to give back. If there’s anything we love here at demandDrive it’s a friendly competition, and giving someone else the opportunity to learn.

School on Wheels — an organization dedicated to “educating children impacted by homelessness by providing academic support and one-on-one mentoring” is right here in our backyard. Every year they run a massive School Supply Drive in an effort to get kids ready for school by providing materials they would normally be unable to afford. In the spirit of competition and charity, demandDrive split itself into five teams and began stuffing backpacks.

Our team leads and their STUFFED backpacks!

SDRs who themselves enjoy a workplace that emphasizes education and constant learning worked to give kids that same opportunity. By assigning point values to individual items and setting an end-date where everything would be counted up, teams worked together to buy school supplies and strategically fill their assigned packs. By the end of it, we had more supplies than we could fit in the backpacks!

It’s a testament to what we promote on a daily basis — give back, and know when to give back. All of our SDRs are here to help out their colleagues, no matter what their tenure and experience looks like. Everyone could stand to learn something new, and everyone is open to each other’s advice and help. We are all students AND teachers. Even if you’re not seeking advice there’s always someone there to lend a hand or relay a tip.

Collaboration within the workplace offers a truly nurturing environment. It can’t hurt to throw in a little competition every now and then!

What’s the dynamic of your office? Looking to give back like we did, maybe even run a competition or two? Reach out if you need tips, and make sure you check out School On Wheels’ programs at!

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