In the Age of AI, Sales Development is Still Very Human

I recently had a Google Hangouts conversation with a colleague of mine on personalization, and the human aspect of the SDR role:


next campaign
maybe ditch make to not sound trump/political
multi-faceted value brings forth the best in an SDR from a client and prospect perspective, which means more $$ for you and more profit for the business. you don’t have to be a great DCE to engage clients, and you don’t have to be a great SDR to win business. you just have to give a valuable human experience (link to the Tinder article) in everything you do and you can win business and engage clients.
no matter what your role is
on paper


I like the idea, I do not like the hashtag. You’re right, it’s too Trump-ish. But the idea is there — a little effort goes a long way. That humanization of the job adds so much more value than the effort it requires — high ROI


sometimes hitting quota won’t make your business survive forever
you can have that one client that will always stay but is a benchmark to your survival, and that takes 1 quality relationship. On days that you make fewer calls, don’t hit metrics goals, but pass quality leads, that’s when SDR roles don’t matter. it’s as you say adding a human touch to your communications
so next time bring potatoes to your next conference. that way people laugh and understand you have a sense of humor. here, a free potato. what for? why the f not, it’s a free potato. non gmo


but I like GMO

Jokes aside, I think he brings up a really good point about something that’s often neglected in the SDR role. Humanization goes a long, long way in this job, and it’s something that reps should strive for with every interaction they have. Unfortunately, it gets overlooked far too often. Human → Human interaction is much more palatable than Appointment Setter → Human interaction.

Something in particular that he said really resonated with me:

“…you don’t have to be a great SDR to win business. You just have to give a valuable human experience.”

And he’s right. We all know that adage, “people do business with people they like,” and it’s illustrated every day in the SDR role. You can have the best message, showcase the most value, prove that you’ll bring a higher ROI, etc…but if you aren’t compelling, people won’t listen to you. The bit of personality and engagement you can bring to the conversations will be more valuable than any features or functions you regurgitate. That will also help you build a relationship with a prospect, creating trust and lasting partnership.

Moral of the story: Be a human. It will bring more value to any interaction you have with a prospect, and will help you lay a foundation for a strong relationship. Teach your SDRs to be humans during the training process and you’ll reap the benefits later.

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