The Life of a SDR is an Emotional Roller Coaster

DialedIn — Jill Tardelli

It’s a roller coaster out there. One call goes well, another leaves you high and dry; one seems like your long lost friend, while one is a ghost.

Making multiple calls a day is a whirlwind effect — leaving you happy one minute and frustrated the next, unsure of what the next call will bring. As a new rep, I have learned that it‘s very important not to take some conversations to heart. For example:

*ring, ring*
Me: Hi, This is Jill calling from [my company], how are you today?
Prospect: Good, how are you?
Me: I’m doing well, I just wanted to talk to you about our new platform and how it does [this awesome thing that could really benefit your company].

This conversation actually happened to me today.

When I first started, a call like this would have thrown me into an internal frenzy. I could feel my hands shaking and my face getting red, hoping no one heard how quickly that conversation had ended. I worried I would stutter over my words, and once my stomach jumped into my throat it was pretty inevitable that I would.

Collecting myself, I would take a little longer to pick up the phone again, secretly whispering “please don’t answer.”

It took me quite a few rejections and a couple days to learn that it wasn’t just me. My fellow co-workers would laugh at their own rejections, even joke about how harsh some people were. I learned to share my embarrassing experiences and laugh at myself too.

It doesn’t mean my days get easier. Sometimes I find myself bubbling with joy on that roller coaster from a successful call, raising my confidence. Then, I have that harsh call where a prospect will go as far as to tell me “I don’t think you understand,” and I shake it off. Then, I won’t catch anyone live on the phone at all. It almost turns into a game of guess who! Like I said, it’s an emotional roller coaster.

Most of all, I have learned to deal with it. You take the highs and try to forget about the lows. Best of all, I am learning from it — and it’s made me a better rep.

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