There’s an SDR Shortage in Boston

By AJ Alonzo, Director of Marketing @ demandDrive

It’s a tough job market out there…for employers. I should know — I’m getting messages from recruiters left and right asking for referrals. If you run a search on LinkedIn right now for open SDR positions in The Greater Boston Area, you’ll get something like this:

There’s going to be some overlap in those openings as the language of BDR vs. SDR is further clarified, but having 200+ open positions in the Boston area for an entry-level sales role is a lot. And that doesn’t include the other couple of hundred openings for manager level positions, companies that hire outside of LinkedIn, or jobs that are the sales development role under different names:

That’s 519 results for entry level sales jobs in the computer software space for the Boston area. A lot of companies are looking for help in the sales development space, and it’s looking like the market doesn’t have the supply for a demand like that.

So what are companies going to do? Do they post the job opening and just…wait? Companies are doing more now than ever to attract talent — beer on tap, pet friendly offices, baristas, little to no dress code — but it doesn’t seem to be working. Despite the large amount of qualified college graduates and young adults in the Boston area, they aren’t biting.

At the risk of sounding incredibly biased, isn’t the best option to outsource the function? Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) has been around for a long time, and sales is no stranger to that. It frees up your hiring managers to focus on bringing on other positions. It could cost you less money in the long run. It brings a level of expertise and focused effort that you wouldn’t see from your internal team.

But you’re in the Boston area — don’t you have the same issues with hiring? Great question, reader! The benefit of outsourcing means that you’re not tethered to a specific location, and can recruit from anywhere in the country. Most outsourced firms have multiple locations (we have offices in Miami and Los Angeles, for example), and with companies like WeWork and other shared office spaces it means employees can move freely and work from wherever. The nature of outsourced firms allows for a decentralized workforce, and with that comes the luxury of much larger applicant pool.

So…now what? How do you know if outsourcing your SDR function is for you?

  1. You can start by reading our Cost Analysis Whitepaper and The True Cost of your SDR Team — it gives you an idea of how much it costs to hire your SDR team internally (without the added difficulty of a tough job market). If the numbers start to make sense…
  2. Contact demandDrive! We’re more than happy to walk through our programs and pricing with you, and analyze how much you would save (if at all) by outsourcing.

Make sure to check out the demandDrive website and Contact Us to learn more about our services!

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