Time Management

A Day in the Life of an SDR is Anything but Typical

If you’re an SDR, you know that no two days are the same. If you’re not, then understanding that will help you appreciate the work your reps put in every day. Sure, some things stay the same — you always account map, you always call through your home page, you always add in new accounts. But you never have the same conversations. You never see the same metrics. You never run the same meetings. If you wanted the same thing every day you could get a robot to do the job.

Due to the unpredictability and ever-changing nature of the role, it’s paramount that you use your time as wisely as possible:

Some Tips and Tricks to Make the Most of Every Day

Prioritize and Schedule Your Day. When it comes to getting the most out of the time you have, it helps to prioritize your activities by level of importance. This is different for everyone — it could mean mapping through your target accounts, it could mean following up on pipeline, or it could mean calling on a recent event. Whatever it might be, set yourself a schedule and stick to it. You’ll be much more efficient if you do, and it will make your day feel more structured. An easy way to set that schedule? Use Calendar Invites, and your calendar in general. Having that notification pop up in your email ensures you won’t miss a meeting or block of scheduled time, and it helps keep you on track throughout the day.

It’s also important to remember that work can’t be all work and no play — you’ll burn out quickly if you don’t break your day up with something enjoyable. Play a game of ping-pong or two to get your blood pumping and pull you away from your desk for a bit. Grab yourself a snack and play some online flash games (the helicopter game and Chrome’s T-Rex game are great options). It’s helpful to avert your eyes from work for a bit and decompress — otherwise, your day will become monotonous.

Speaking of monotony, it’s important that you move things around. If you do the same thing every day at the same time, inevitably your results will start to dip. It’s important to change up the times that you complete activities on a day-to-day basis. Not everyone will be available for a phone call from 2–4pm EST every day, so if you only call during that time you’re missing out on all of the other hours in the day. Plenty of research has gone into when the best time to call is, and it varies every day. Use your own notes to create an efficient schedule for yourself, but remain agile. If you change up the times every day you’ll be able to increase your chances at connecting with prospects.

How do you break up your day? Do you follow a similar schedule or is it totally different? Sound off in the comments!

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