Your ABM Checklist

A totally unbiased guide to getting your ABM program off the ground

So you’ve been told to get an ABM program off the ground — great! Maybe it was a direct order from your manager, maybe you’ve been kicking the idea around for a while, maybe you’ve all decided that enough was enough and you’re sick of hearing about ABM without doing anything.

The important part is that you’re here, and we have the answers — or at least some of them — that you’re looking for.

Before diving into anything, you first need to understand what ABM will accomplish. A lot of people jump headfirst into building a pilot, and they get tripped up in a few specific areas. It’s important to know exactly what you’re end goal is before kicking off a program.

Remember this: The key to a successful ABM program is carefully choreographed Sales and Marketing activities aligned around penetrating the accounts that matter most to your business. Seriously, if you take nothing else away from this that’s ok. Just know that in order to get your ABM pilot off the ground, your sales and marketing teams need to be fully in sync.

On to the checklist…

1. Throw away the ABM acronym

Account-Based Marketing seems pretty…skewed. Towards marketing. Why does marketing get all the credit (or blame)? As stated above, this isn’t something that just a marketing team can execute. This is ABM for the whole funnel, and we call it ABFM — Account-Based Funnel Management. The top of the funnel no longer belongs to just marketing, and the bottom no longer belongs to just sales. When marketing is held accountable for the performance of their leads throughout the sales process, quality increases. When sales is held responsible for the generation of leads, quality increases. The two teams working in tandem to find the right accounts to target with the right messaging will lead to higher quality results all around. Therefore, ABM is no more — ABFM or bust.

2. Read this report

We said totally unbiased — right? Really though, download that report and start taking notes. We partnered with Scratch marketing + Media to survey over 100 marketing and sales professionals to get their take on ABM. Our key findings from that report will help build a foundation for your ABFM program. Getting your sales and marketing teams aligned, overcoming the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt of starting a program, measuring the right metrics…it’s all in there.

3. Register for this webinar

Ok, we might be a little biased. But this webinar is the real deal. If you read through that report and thought, “yeah, this is for me. I need to get a program started!” than the webinar is the next step. We have a couple of amazing presenters in Lindsay Frey and Lora Kratchounova — two people who know a whole lot about ABFM and what goes into a successful program. They’ll touch on that industry report from step 1, walk through the best practices in creating and measuring an ABFM program, and (you guessed it) talk about better aligning sales and marketing teams. Rumor has it we’ll be offering some ABFM assessments during the presentation.

4. Get buy-in from the rest of your company

If you don’t have it already, use the above materials to get buy-in from your colleagues. When you get the buy-in from your colleagues you’re well on your way to starting an ABFM program — we hope that our materials can help you, the champion, effectively introduce the concept to your company.

So go forth, young champion, and bring the word of ABFM to your company!

Still have questions? Reach out to demandDrive or Scratch Marketing + Media — we’d love to hear from you!

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