Your Sales Reps Shouldn’t Cold Call

aka the continued importance of your SDR team

We’ve talked about this quite a bit, but it’s something that deserves the attention it draws. Your quota carrying sales reps should not be cold-calling.

Highly accurate depiction of the dD SDR vs. your Quota-Carrying Sales Rep

They should not be handling any aspect of your outbound lead generation. They should be focused on one thing and one thing only — closing deals.

On the surface it does seem like a good idea —it’s both cost efficient because you don’t have to pay for an SDR team, and logical for the prospect to have one point of contact throughout the whole sales cycle. However, when you dig a bit deeper into motivations and rewards you can see that’s far from the case:

Leave the uncovering of leads to the people you actually train to uncover leads, and the closing of deals to the people you train to close deals.

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