Inland of Surinam

figure 1: cola kreek

Suriname has so much beautiful inland, it’s a pity I’m scared as hell for insects or other weird creatures. When I was a little girl my parents had an weekend home on cola kreek (cola Creek), I see you guys looking really strange at your screen. But you guys read it wright, cola creek is called like that because of the color of the water. It looks cola-ish because of the leaves falling in the water. In Cola creek I actually learn how to fish and how to clean an prepare my fish for dinner. This was actually an fun experience if you like the simplicity of live you will find it on cola creek. Being there you well go back to back for my feeling. Where is electricity, but no running water in your cabinet, no gas to cook on.

Figure 2: Berg en Dal

But that’s not the only place that is wonderful in Surinam, last summer I could enjoy Berg en Dal, to get there is an 3 hour drive, but is all worth it! We name Berg en dal comes from the Mountain and valley in the area. There is so much history there.

Berg en Dal consist of two parts, an luxurious part and the part is really simply you could go camping there canoeing, funicular and so much more. Just to give you a clims of Berg en dal take a look at these pictures.

Figure 3: old house berg en dal

I took in Berg en Dal historic walk, do want to note that having good walking shoes, is necessary and long pants. Because of the hills and sometimes the leaves in the woods are a pit foggy, and there a lots of mosquitoes there too.

Figure 4: old house
figure 5: first police station
figure 6; The beach

on the historic walk I learned that this used to be an old plantation, sum old slave cabinets are still standing there. It’s really confronting standing in one of those houses. Don’t know why that is?

If you’re planning a day out of Paramaribo Berg en Dal is a really good option.

See you next time!!

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