So, its 940pm and i am waiti @ ng for the bus to head home after work…

I dont ride the bus by choice because i am visually impaired. The only time I have ever driven a car was three times in my life. Both times were under the supervision of my parents and the thrid time was when my mom felt bad for me about not being able to driv. ALL of my teenage friends were out celebrating that they got their license. SO my mom let me driver her car to school one time. It was like half a

Here i am 15 years later waiimg to come home from a job that i barely like. I have waited for 40 minutes for this bus,because it runs every hour…and i just missed the bus.

All my co workers are home now. Warm and cofortable in their homes. Getting ready for bed while it might take me another hour to get home. (I still meed to catch a train)

You know what’s the sad and frustrating part about it is? I have to be up at 5am to get ready for a meeting at 7am.

Its crazy what we put up with for things that we think we need.

The only that keeps me smiling is that i know this is not permanent


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