On Mac Miller, Ariana Grande, and the Substance Abuse Plaguing the Music Industry.

R.I.P Mac Miller

Yesterday on September 7, 2018 Malcolm James McCormick, also known as Mac Miller, passed away from an apparent drug overdose. Fans and fellow musicians and artists took to twitter and other social media platforms to express their sadness and to pray for the rapper’s family and friends.

It was no secret that the rapper suffered from addiction, he put it all in his music. It was also brought to the forefront of the media’s attention when the rapper’s girlfriend, singer Ariana Grande, broke off their two-year relationship this year in the month of May. Grande stated to the media that their relationship had turned toxic because of Miller’s addiction problem but she wished him the best and told him “to take care of himself.”

Grande never shied away from the details about the end of their relationship. However, in the wake of his passing, she has been quiet and has since disabled the comments on her Instagram account to keep the internet trolls away after being endlessly and incorrectly blamed for his death.

During this extremely sad time for the Hip-Hop community, it is now that we must call for a time of reflection. Miller is not the first in the music industry to succumb to the evils of drug addiction and sadly will not be the last. It is time for rappers and other artist to stop glorifying drug addiction and substance abuse and move forward to a point where artists use their platform as a way to offer rehabilitation measures. As a society we must also do away with the stigma that many people suffering from addiction and substance abuse face. We must offer safe spaces for those suffering at the hands of addiction and normalize seeking help for addiction and substance abuse. The music industry is facing a crisis like most of this country. We must see the correlation of the opioid epidemic and the epidemic that is plaguing the entertainment industry. We must ask ourselves why are so many young lives falling victim to substance abuse? We must ask what more can we do as a nation to begin eradicating substance abuse?

In the wake of this tragedy of a 26-year-old man losing his life, we must also be able to see that it is a must for us to normalize women leaving toxic situations. Ariana Grande must not be placed with the blame of Mac Miller losing his life to a drug overdose. It is a dangerous mind set for us to have to think that Grande could have saved him without harming herself in the process. Carrying the weight of someone else’s demons can crush a person mentally, emotionally, physically, as well as spiritually. No one has the right to demand that a person subject themselves to that type of abuse and we must come to terms with that and accept that. We must pray for Ariana Grande as much as we pray for Miller and his family and friends. We must offer Grande peace in this time of tragedy and as many remember Mac Miller for the kind soul that he was, we must allow Ariana to do the same.

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