Of Rain & Bath Bombs

It’s raining here. It’s been raining since last night, but it’s REALLY raining here now. I was supposed to start back to school today for the first time since my truck got fixed, but the rain was coming down so hard and I can’t find my umbrella and I have a MacBook Pro that doesn’t belong to me, so I decided to stay home one more day. So I think I might just do some knitting and maybe work on some candles or bath salts or something.

I tried making bath bombs last night. They’re hardening nicely, but I’m a bit on the annoyed side. As you can see in the photo above, they did something a bit on the odd side and ended up losing all definition of the designs on them. They weren’t that way when I got the out of the molds. I’m still not sure what happened. The flowers don’t look as bad as the others and they pretty much destroy both theories I had—that either I got the mixture too wet or the humidity in the air caused the issue with the other ones. Then I realized it could just be the recipe, so I’m going to try out a different recipe tonight for the bath bombs.

After all, what better thing to do on a rainy day than make bath bombs?

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