If you’re not falling, you’re not trying

Learning to snowboard is hard. I’m an average snowboarder. This past winter I worked on increasing my comfort and skill level with speed.

After some successful fast runs my confidence was up and I started pushing myself further. Then I started falling, a lot and hard. The frustration and impatience crept in. It felt like I was never going to get it.

On the verge of tears after a big tumble, I paused, took a deep breath and remembered that this is new to me. Of course I wasn’t going to get it right away. I adopted the motto, “If you’re not falling, you’re not trying.”

Repeating this to myself, changed my perspective on falling. I began to embrace them. Spills became an indicator that I’m pushing myself to grow and try new things. It helped me enjoy the process more with less negative self-talk.

I forgot about this motto until the past week while going through this experiment.

I didn’t complete all the goals I set last week, I didn’t post on time, I’ve become very critical of my writing and the value of doing this in the first place.

Then I rememberbed — If you’re not falling, you’re not trying.

I’m trying something new. The only way to get better is to stick with it. So I persist….

The intent of last week’s action items was to establish the groundwork to build upon on my path to finding a fulfilling career.

RECAP #1 Exercise & Meditate

Meditate — Yes, daily. Exercise — 2x not 3.

Meditation is a big part of my life now. Jon Kabat Zin’s book Wherever You Go There You Are has had the biggest influence on my practice.

If I can make it work, I prefer to meditate alone in silence. But if I can’t, then I substitute walking meditaiton throughout the day.

When I practice regularly, I notice I’m less anxious, more patient and am able to appreciate the beauty in life.

I ended up exercising only twice, mainly because I made the mistake of not planning my week ahead. I didn’t realize the importance of this at the time.

RECAP #2 Financial Goal

I dusted off The Millionaire Next Door and dove into high level financial goal setting. With a long term goal of saving for a down payment on a house, I scheduled automatic transfers to put aside a fixed amount of my take home income every two weeks.

Going through the goal setting process and diving into my financial portfolio gave me a feeling of control that I didn’t realize was missing. It’s liberating to know that there are specific actions I can take to financially free myself from the chains of career disappointment.

My attitude towards work shifted. I felt lighter. Rather than a waste of time, work now was a means to an end. The minutia of the day to day grind became more manageable.

RECAP #3 Passion Project

I have too many interests. I’ve worked hard the past five years to narrow my focus at a given time.

I spent more than three hours on two passion projects this past week: Clothing design and building a heath food startup with my husband.

Anxiety sets in when I feel the need to chose one. I’ve read many articles and books on prioritizing hobbies but this is still a work in progress.

Action Items for Week 2

  1. Exercise 3x per week
  2. Plan the week ahead + track time spent daily
  3. Prioritize hobbies/passion projects for the week