Things I know for sure

Here’s what I know.

I’m a dreamer. I love thinking. I love taking a walk and just watching the world around me. I love brainstorming new ways of doing things, the possibilities for an idyllic life. I love sleeping in — I’m great at it! I love taking my time and savoring a moment.

Bodies of water relax and inspire me. I prefer warm climates to cool ones. Mid-size cities to large ones. I love to travel. I have a strong appetite for risk.

It’s important that I stay true to myself and what makes me feel like me while I take steps to transform my life. Finding a balance between routine and spontaneity will be a big turning point for me.

Good news from this past week — I achieved (most of ) my goals!

Action Items for Week 2 — mostly COMPLETE!

  1. Exercise 3x per week — Yup did it!
  2. Plan the week ahead + track time spent daily — Did half of it, didn’t track my time but did plan ahead
  3. Prioritize hobbies/passion projects for the week — Yes did it!

My husbands family was in town, staying with us and we were travelling for a wedding this past week so I didn’t have as much personal time as usual. Nevertheless, I got through the things I intended to.

Planning the week ahead of time was really helpful. It also felt great achieving what I set out to.

Exercising also felt great. I noticed a difference in my outlook on the world and my opinion about myself — both more positive.

I’ve written and rewritten my priority list of goals/where to focus my time. Here it is:

  1. Become independently wealthy
  2. Explore my passion for fashion design
  3. Pursue my side business, a health food product

Here’s what I dont know…

How to achieve these goals? I’ve decided to pick a few top guides/resources on how to realize your dreams. I’ll test them and write about my experiences along the way.

The experiments continue.

Action items Week #3

  1. Pick the top resources to follow and decide on a timeline + metrics to measure progress.
  2. Setup site to host blog independently