What Does The Future of Agriculture on the Blockchain look Like?

Imagine you could eat fresh, locally grown produce — delivered directly from a farmer to your table?

Imagine you could save money and eat healthier — by cutting out large corporate middlemen and dealing directly with local farmers?

What if you knew exactly how and where your produce was made? Everything — from GMO or not, to the soil, or the seed.

And if it was accessible from any device that has an internet connection — accessible anywhere in the world. You could be where you are right now — maybe London, Rome, Guangzhou, Vancouver or New York City — and you’d be able to get local, micro-farm-to-table food delivered to right to your door.

How might that change your life? Improve your health? Save you money?

What about the lives of others in developing nations?

This is what Demeter and the DMT Token is all about.

Our mission: to revolutionize the agricultural industry, call it ag4.0 — by making true micro-farm-to-table possible — anywhere in the world.

Why fix the system?

Ever noticed the system feels, well, sort of broken? You shop at the same grocery stores. You always see the same produce. And the prices keep on rising month-after-month, year-after-year?

There’s a reason for this.

Produce and food products — are often controlled by both large corporations and government. Now naturally some of the governmental regulation is important. Food safety and standardization can be very valuable.

But did you know that the reason why you see the brands that you see, and the produce that you buy — is because large corporations pay to be there in front of you?

Yes — they pay to push regulation forward. They pay for specific standardization — that often cuts out the smaller farmer. They even pay the grocery stores to have that spot in front of you. Often $100s of thousands of dollars per year.

It’s why big brands become bigger. Why you keep on seeing the same produce. And why prices keep on rising.

How You Update a Broken System

How do you update a large, slow, entrenched and broken system?

By leveraging the blockchain and decentralized technology — to put the control, power and connection back in the communities hands.

With Demeter you’ll be able to directly connect with famers in your local area. You’ll be able to buy their produce directly — seeing exactly what and how it was made.

Don’t like GMO? Well now you’ll know.

And if you want to take things a step further — you’ll be able to rent your own micro-farm from any farmer on the system. Giving you the ability to coordinate exactly what and how you want to be produced.

Love tomatoes? Not a problem. Your 10ftx10ft micro-farmer can plant and take care of them for you — harvesting and delivering them when they’re ready.

And by cutting out the middle men — large grocers and corporations — you save money, and your farmer makes money.

The Future is Here

The revolution is under way. As blockchain technology develops, and internet access spreads — this system will eventually be standard around the world.

With development already under way, and access points scheduled for major global cities — Demeter is going to bring the agricultural revolution — ag4.0 — to life.

All it takes is a bit of support — and a bit of time to make it a reality. Here’s to making micro-farm-to-table accessible around the world.

Here’s the the ag4.0 revolution.

If you’re interested in hearing more please connect with the Demeter team at https://demeter.life/#

Or connect with them on Telegram or Twitter