Women in Business — Top 5 Mistakes

When I was young (read: younger) I literally dreamed of the day I would be working in an office, wearing a slim cut suit with killer heels, running the show. Fast forward a decade or so later and I do work in an office (one of the bomb-est agencies in Toronto) I do not wear a slim cut suit, I do wear killer heels and I am not running the show. By day living agency life and by night running my new side hustle jewellery business.

The bulk of my career has been spent in offices working with predominantly female teams. From colleagues to managers to executives, over time I have learned that women have some negative tendencies our male counterparts do not.

This article is not to say that men are better than women or that we need to conform to typically male business habits. Don’t be like a man. be the powerful girl boss you know you are.

Rather, this article is meant to shed light on a few of the negative habits i have encountered in my own career and how those habits can in fact have a negative impact on your career.

Waiting For An Opportunity Have you ever been afraid to speak up? Waited to be approached with an opportunity rather than showing interest right away? If you’re ready for a promotion, more responsibility or a raise make yourself heard. Organizations today want people on their team who are willing to step up and make a difference, whether that be for the company or themselves. Go get it girl!

“I Feel Like…” You don’t feel like the data is wrong and you don’t feel like the team could have had a better briefing. You know these things. Placing “I feel like…” in front of your idea/findings, immediately degrades the power in what you are saying. Be confident in your facts and ideas and people will buy what you are selling.

Failing to Delegate As women we think we can do it all. As business women we KNOW we can do it all. And while I too have a tendency to never say no, it’s plain stupid. You may be afraid to delegate because it could look like you can’t handle the work, but what is better? Taking on all the jobs and failing or taking on all the jobs you can handle and doing stellar work? Without delegation you will struggle to grow your business and your career. Ask for help, you’ll be happy with the outcome.

Uptalk Uptalk is the rise in inotation at the end of a phrase or sentence. The problem? It sounds as if everything you are saying is a question. Not only associated with the Cher Harowitz’s of the world, it is also symoblic of a lack of intelligence, confidence and degrades your credibility.

You may not realize you uptalk, so if you want to be sure ask for feedback from a freind or colleague on the matter. If you find that you are uptalking a simple way to reduce how often you do, is to take note of yourself each time you speak and make a tally. This will leave you with tangible evidence of how often you uptalk and soon how much you have improved.

Personal Life ≠ Office Life People do not want to know that you got drunk on the weekend, that you had great sex on a Tuesday, that your gf/bf is an idiot, etc etc etc. Remember these are your colleagues. Your are in a professional work setting. Just, please, use discretion.

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