The EUs policies don’t work for one simple reason: we don’t all think alike. Somehow this not so subtle concept was miscalculated and is still absent in strategies and policies coming out of Brussels — a naive belief that all idiosyncrasies and political differences, likes, dislikes could all be forgotten once all took refuge under the European umbrella. They failed to understand the complexity of bringing together so many cultures and views let alone financial entities and structures and making them all succumb to worship the same master — a childish dream at best or a construct of much greater machinations if your views are more conspiratorial. Common logic could have foreseen that a single variety of something cannot and will not suit everyone’s needs and that even if we all desired the same things, aspired to the same ideals we all could not attain them for as many reasons as there are stars in the Universe. The EU was a dream born more from the heart than in the head.

And here we are — Brexit a reality — a devastating conclusion to the first chapter of what perhaps may end up being the Union’s epitaph. The truth of the matter is that we — the rest of Europe — should be angry for allowing things to reach this point. The masters that be have steered the ship on the rocks despite the warnings and yet I see no one from the upper echelons of the EU’s democratic elite coming forward and suggesting that its time for new leadership to take hold, let alone accepting that their strategies over the past years and decades have been a complete and utter catastrophe leading to the cessation of one of its members with unforeseeable consequences for the ones still remaining. We should be angry that they have spread uncertainty and disarray to the remaining nations and to the rest of the world. We should be angry at the lack of any strategy now that we so badly need it and that doesn’t seem to exist!

An independent Britain will not transpose the UK back to its nostalgic past — a notion that has more to do with a play on the mind than with the realities that exist in our ever changing interconnected world. A country that no matter what the numbers and statistics will show in the coming months and years will remain a country that will only slowly begin to realise that the sociological effects of remaining a “Brit” is not all that its cut out to be. We don’t all want to be citizens of the world — we need our identities we need to feel our roots yet I feel that somehow abandoning your neighbours will have the reverse effects than the proponents of such strategies think their ideas will have. It will lead to other sociological (not to mention financial) issues that will only begin to emerge after years of practice.

However the truth of the matter is that this result falls entirely on the hands of Brussels and the policies that they have been pursuing in defiance to what people, districts and cities have been shouting, demonstrating and revolting against. Policies that have seen more social divisions, lack of any stringent immigration barriers and more dilution of national identity in return for more austerity. Britain has officially ensured that its populace must live in isolated communities populated with clones of its selves. However what is important sometimes is not the reality on the ground but the perceived reality in our heads. So instead of riding the same ideals and the same strategies the EU must listen to its populace and steer the course that may sometimes appear to be self inflicting and at other times even seem callous for the good of all. An EU without the backbone to change their thinking and to understand that they are there to serve all the people of Europe and not merely the established elite centres of decision making will never succeed. The echo from Abraham Lincoln’s masterful Gettysburg address given during the civil war in 1863 should still be ringing in our ears. “… — that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” In a little over two minutes on an afternoon November day Lincoln espoused everything that the ‘new’ EU should aspire to be.

Britain will end up paying for thinking that the only way forward was to take a slap against the EU by voting to leave — an irreversible reality that we must all deal with. The EU’s reality is still not set in stone and can still change if they can wake up from the monolithic mentality they have fallen into. What both sides have failed to see however (or where unable to accomplish) is that the reality for a better future lies somewhere between the two extremes and that no side is entirely right or wrong. In controlling and managing such a diverse population a fine tuning to each member state’s concerns is perhaps the only strategy that would work. A difficult task to say the least perhaps even an impossible one — but it’s worth a try. Lets hurry where there’s still time.